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In version 6.53 (03.02.2017)

  1. Import a variant (simulation parameters) into a data comparison variant
  2. Pumps database: added high power pumps (up to 180 kW) and new Grundfos
  1. Import of PVsyst_Std meteo files on POA: possibility of using Perez model,
  2. Improvement of some warning/error messages
Fixed errors:
  1. Trina PV modules with Maxim optimizer: error in the database,
    => the results are completely erroneous.
  2. Several (rare) bugs reported by users fixed.

In version 6.52 (12.12.2016)

  1. Database update

In version 6.51 (28.11.2016)

  1. “Maxim Integrated” optimizers at the sub-module level
  1. Pumping systems, many improvements,
  2. Possibility of defining pumps on an EXCEL document,
    => easier for enriching the database with numerous models.
  3. New faster algorithm for Module Layout calculations.
Fixed errors:
  1. Pumping systems, Controller for pumping: several crashes solved.
  2. Inverters: crashes for some models with unbalanced MPPT inputs and one only efficiency profile. (V 6.49 only)
  3. Several errors in some specific cases when importing Meteo data from SolarAnywhere, Solar Prospector, PVgis when using Chrome.
  4. Use of Perez model: sometimes mentions Hay on the report.