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In version 6.19 (11.02.2014)

  1. Auxiliary losses now explicitely specified.
  2. Component dialogs, 1st page: info availability an original database/custom.
  3. Big systems shading studies:* Improved calculation time of some verifications* Possibility of desabling the mutual interpenetration of fields (Helios3D)* Execution of some tests upon command instead of automatic* Helios3D: improved orientation analysis and tests.* Many objects: choice of selected object improved
  4. AC Losses after the inverter: take the Power Factor into account
  5. Improved the model of Shading Electrical loss: was enabled as soon as linear shading was present; now with a threshold (partial cell sheding).
  6. Batch simulations: still some updates.
  1. Display of the Modules and they electrical attribution by colors (by Module Layout) directly in the Perspective view.
  2. Save this perspective view as a BMP, JPG, PNG or SVG image for use in other drawing softwares.
  3. Report improvement: avoid long component name’s overwriting, Long calculation version titles on 2 lines.
  4. Import ASCII meteo and data files: error messages and dialog improvements, reads dates without specified years; DataMeas: reads multi-fields.
  5. Error in simulation of shading with thin objects: shading loss overevaluated.
  6. Error in electrical shading losses: loss correction on voltage instead of current => only effect: loss if the voltage becomes below the Inverter VmppMin .
  7. Unlimited sheds: parameter not well read on file => azimut aberrant value.
  8. Errors in mixed orientations: little effects on shadings with horizon.
  9. Irradiance and Temperature loss not well displayed (but correct calculation).

In version 6.18 (31.01.2014)

  1. Definition of 3D fields: now possible directly by specifying the number of modules in width and in length. Polygonal 3D field: by positioning each module individually with mouse.

  2. Module Layout tool: you can now have a side-view of the 3D perspective with visualization of the edited table in red and choosing the table to be edited in the 3D drawing.

  3. Tables of Hourly values for each month, for any variable of the simulation.

  4. Update of the program: performs a back-up of all user’s files, allowing to retrieve the simulations with old versions.

  5. Off-line deactivation of the license: bug fixed.

  6. Update of the ModuleLayout for fields added in the 3D part: bug fixed.

  7. Import of ASCII meteo files: warnings improved and bugs fixed.

  8. Import of ASCII files of measured data: multi-fields now working.

  9. Grid power limitation: bug fixed when defining several sub-arrays.

In version 6.17 (10.01.2014)

  1. Error since V 6.14: Electric loss (Module Layout option) not  calculated.
  2. Shading factor table according to strings not written on file (recomputed).
  3. Report: first page not complete for Stand-alone systems.
  4. Meteo monthly tables: line of yearly values erroneous.

In version 6.16 (03.01.2014)

  1. Report: Parameters may be printed on more than 2 pages.
  2. Report: Visualization of a saved 3D scene improved. Check of this visualization in the 3D editor.
  3. Sometimes erronous value in the Array wiring resistance, fixed. Some logs for tracking this errors in V 6.14 crashed the program.

In version 6.15 (20.12.2013)

    1. Erroneous values displayed in the “Results” dialog.
    2. Some improvemebnts in the Multi-orientation warnings and the report.
    3. Helios3D  now working with Multi-orientation.
    4. PV module definition from Low-light data: crashed.
    5. Summary dialog: copy to clipboard.
    6. Value of the Wiring resistance is sometimes modified to aberrant values. We didn’t yet identify the origin of this random (and rare) problem, but we protected the simulation by asking the user for correcting the parameter..
    7. Fixed failure when reading license after the update on some environements.

In version 6.14 (16.12.2013)

  1. Problems fixed with shadings – crashed in the “Shadings” dialog.
  2. Problems fixed concerning sheds with not null Baseslope.
  3. Infinite loop in some calculations (Shadings “According to strings”).
  4. Shadings “According to strings” not well computed when linear shadings < 0.5%.
  5. Regulator (controller) dialog improved when modifying the nominal power.

In version 6.13 (09.12.2013)

  1. Main implementation: Multi-orientation.
  2. Possibility of defining up to 8 different orientations.
  3. Independent shading calculation for each orientation.
  4. Heterogeneous fields: replaced by this Multi-orientation option.
  5. Removed restrictions on the orientation differences and nb of sub-arrays.
  6. Seasonal tilt: now possible with 3D shading calculations.
  7. Electrical Sub-array: now with Name and eventual Orientation definition.
  8. “System summary” new window, available from different places for a general overview of the params defined for the calculation version.
  9. Gives a list of: Orientations, sub-arrays, shading 3D fields defined.
  10. Identifies the uncompatibilities between these 3 entities (orientation and areas matching), provides cibled warnings when necessary.
  11. Deep revision on the verification on system’s compatibilities.
  12. Shading and IAM factor on Albedo: improved the calculations (integral model).
  13. Focusing CPV systems: errors in the loss diagram view (not in the results).
  14. Unavailability loss: not stored correctly with the calculation version.
  15. SolarGIS import and Meteonorm synthetic generation: sometimes crashed.
  16. Simulation ASCII files: crashed when more than 30 parameters defined.
  17. Batch simulations: inverter changes not taken into account.
  18. New tutorial about “My first Project”, “Meteo Management”, “Linear shadings”.
  19. Meteo import: fixed Internet Explorer error displayed in importation tool.
  20. Meteonorm: fixed crash when generating data based on Solargis data.
  21. Dialog fonts: added an application setting to change font dynamically for all dialogs.
  22. MSI installation file: fixed signature issue in Internet Explorer 9/10.
  23. Simulation: improved simulation speed (20%).
  24. Project: fixed error when reading list of projects in File >> Export projects.
  25. License: added dialogs to warn and show deactivation link for off-line license transfer.
  26. License: fixed error when reading license when there are more than one hard disk.

In version 6.12 (24.09.2013)

  1. SOLARGIS files: complete tool for direct import of all their products: Specific year, TMY, monthly averages or pluri-annual files
  2. PVGIS import: the negative Longitude sign is not read correctly
  3. PV modules import:  PHOTON site has changed, updated accordingly
  4. Simple tool for direct Import/Export of single projects
  5. Light Soaking, LID or IAM defined in the module specifications: directly taken into account in the detailed losses
  6. Module Layout: fields not refreshed when modifying the 3D shading scene
  7. Wind velocity monthly specifications overwritten by Meteonorm
  8. Simulation with shadings: sometimes crashes at beginning (error#9)
  9. Sometimes errors in shading factor when several sub-arrays
  10. Import ASCII meteo files: year 2000 not recognized as leap year
  11. Definition of project’s site: sometimes erases Meteo file (with POA data)
  12. Logo display on report bug (size): fixed

In version 6.11 (26.08.2013)

  1. Tool for P50-P90 evaluation => new page on the report
  2. Possibility of defining a Power Factor for the grid requirement.
  3. Possibility of defining a Grid Power limitation (incl. with Power factor).
  4. Checked all tracking options for southern hemisphere.
  5. Shading factor optimizations: fixed for very long objects or planes. Improved for Building Objects.
  6. Error#9 when defining Tracking without defining 3D scene: fixed.
  7. Error with 3D Polygonal fields: fixed
  8. Writing unavailability parameters on file
  9. Error when defining load profile by an hourly file: fixed. Improved hourly load plot
  10. Importing meteonorm data: sometimes kept previous GHI definition
  11. SolarEdge: fractional MPPT didn’t work anymore
  12. Found deep error sometimes in the Synthetic Hourly dialog (=> Site
    corrupted). may explain many unidentified crashes of the software in diverse situations
  13. Securized messages when a VCi file is invalid
  14. Batchmode: Backtracking changes not taken into account
  15. Batchmode: 3D scene not actualized with some parameter changes
  16. System verifications: some possible errors not accounted (e.g. Module sizes)
  17. Import/export projects and components improved.
  18. Fixed issue with latest available Pvsyst version.
  19. Added proxy support for internet access (Preferences >> Web).
  20. Added window autoscrolling for small screens.
  21. Enabled unicode support (for ex. Asian characters) for user data file paths.

In version 6.10 (23.07.2013)

  1. Shading on diffuse factors not calculated for other systems than tracking – Don’t use V6.0.9 !
  2. GoogleMap tool has changed, search by Map not working anymore: update of PVsyst accordingly.
  3. Diffuse shading factors for tracking systems: were computed with Shading Factor Table with tracking => error Backtracking now calculated for several tracker positions.
  4. Pump definition: dialog for definitions acc. to efficiency not working. Included a new line of contrifugal industrial pumps in the database.
  5. Little updates in the importation of Meteo files, esp Satellight.
  6. Corrected Horizon in Meteonorm, bad defined for southern hemisphere.