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Supply of drinking water in Kombissiri


In collaboration with the IAS association (Ingénieurs & Architectes Solidaires), PVsyst SA has provided both financial and technical support to implement a solar water supply and sanitation project for the Urban Medical Centre (CMU) of Kombissiri, which is located in the Bazèga province in Burkina Faso.

Kombissiri is a town of approximately 25,000 inhabitants, situated 60km south of Ouagadougou, which stretches along the road to Ghana.

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Implementation by IAS

  • A hydraulic borehole was dug and tested positive
  • A concrete water tower with a volume of 21m3 that is 6m above ground, is built (photo on the right)

In January 2022, the IAS team implemented the photovoltaic pumping system, PVsyst’s manual and automatic measuring system, before building the distribution network and the water hydrant.

A standpipe also enables nearby residents to collect water.

The running cost of the water used is accounted for in the management of the Medical Centre.

CMU entrance at Kombissiri
(photo credit IAS)


The income from sales to residents goes into a maintenance fund to ensure the sustainability of the water supply system:

  • Replacement of taps and valves
  • Replacement of the pump in the long run

Volume of water pumped in m3
(photo credit IAS)

Water tower 21 m3
(photo credit IAS)

PV installation powering the pump
(photo credit IAS)

Pump monitoring system
(photo credit IAS)