Kemena development project

Geographical location of intervention

The village of Kemena is located in the Nouna district, in the region of Mouhoun in Burkina Faso


Kemena is a village of 4’000 inhabitants, deprived of electricity and with restricted accessibility in the rainy season. In connection with local officials, PVsyst SA has initiated a project of a communal building for the benefit of the rural community of Kemena.

Purpose of the project

The mud-based construction which uses the ancestral building techniques Voûtes Nubiennes is fitted with an electrical system powered by an autonomous photovoltaic installation.

This technological and educational project is deployed in 3 areas:

1.  Building axis


  • To promote the construction of environmentally friendly and locally sourced and integrated buildings, using a minimum of imported materials such as concrete.
  • To incorporate a model of communal compost toilets and the access to hand washing and shower units. (to be completed by the end of 2018).
2.  Energy axis


  • Acquire data on the operation of an autonomous system.
  • Facilitate access and rational use of photovoltaic energy in rural areas.
  • Adapt renewable energy solutions to the identified needs of a building.
  • Provide a heating/cooling system within the building.
  • The photovoltaic installation was realized in December 2017 in collaboration with CB-Energie Dédougou Dédougou using:
  • 16 solar panels, including 15 in sequence, and 1 individual panel to supply a device powered with direct solar.
  • Energy storage using a total of 24 2-volts batteries
  • Inverter – Regulator – monitoring equipment.
  • Measurement station installed by PVsyst.

The photovoltaic system operation ensures the daily electricity production of about 15 kWh. This available electricity is rationally used towards the cooling of the technical room as well as for the everyday running of the building: lighting, heating, IT and audio-visual devices – supplying paid electrical services (charging mobile phone batteries or solar lamps – cooling services).

3.  Social axis


  • To offer children after school support sessions and fun activities.
  • To welcome adults to literacy classes and practical information sessions.
  • To provide the community with a lighted awning at night.
  • To supply a reliable source where to charge mobile phone batteries or solar lamps (payable).
  • To provide Kemena builders with professional training in building techniques of Nubian arches and cupolas.

A Management Committee has been appointed by the inhabitants. The first educational activities and related professional training started in 2018:

  • After School support sessions are organised under the supervision of local teachers.
  • Literacy courses for adults.
  • Apprenticeship in soap making (photo).