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Consultancy service

For your information, our consulting schedule is full until March 2023 for french sessions and until April 2023 for english sessions.

We propose some online personalized sessions in the form of consulting and PVsyst project support, to answer specific requests.

We offer the subjects in the below table. We also gladly consider other personalized topics upon request. Our sessions last for 2 hours (including participants question time) and are charged CHF 600.- Our online sessions are limited to 5 participants per session.

According to the duration of the subjects that you choose, we can treat one or two subjects per session. My First Project needs to be treated in two sessions (4 hours).

We do not provide any guarantee relating to your simulation results.

We have designed several online video tutorials which we invite you to watch:

Subjects Duration
My First PVsyst Project 4 hours
Meteo data handling 1 hour
Component Databases 1 hour
Advanced analysis of simulation results 2 hours
Bifacial PV systems 1 hour
Multi-MPPT inverters 1 hour
Tracking PV systems 1 hour
Near shadings: Basic tools 1 hour
Near shadings: Zones 1 hour
Subjects Duration
Near shadings: Importing external formats 1 hour
Module Layout 1 hour
Economic evaluation 1 hour
Batch mode & optimization tool 1 hour
Detailed losses 1 hour
Self-consumption & storage 1 hour
Pumping PV systems 2 hours
Stand-alone PV systems 2 hours
Consulting on specific projects 1 or 2 hours