User Workspace

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User Workspace

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The workspace contains all data created by the user. The default place is C:\Users\<username>\PVsyst7.0_Data but this can be changed by the user.

The current workspace used by PVsyst is displayed on the main screen:



Four actions can be done on workspaces:

Create and switch to a new empty workspace.

Import an existing workspace and switch to it.

Export the current workspace to a zip file.

Switch to another existing workspace.

File organization and description

The Directory tree and file content is organized as follows:


\PVsyst7.0_Data\All databases and writable user data, includes the following 10 sub-directories:
\ComposPV\All PV components of the database (each in a specific subdirectory)
\DataMeas\In a similar way as for meteorological files, this directory stores internal files concerning measured data.
\Meteo\Hourly meteo and other related files. ASCII meteo source files may be located anywhere in your computer.
\Models\Miscellaneous templates and user defined models.
\Projects\All the project elements (files of parameters and results) for your projects, including Preliminary and Project design.
\Shadings\All shading definitions (Horizon definitions and shading scenes/Objects)
\Other\Some special files.
\Sites\Geographical site and monthly meteo definitions.
\UserData\Will contain the user export files for other software. Namely the file "Components.xls", which can store some database elements (geographical sites, PV modules or Inverter) data in tabular form, to be used with Microsoft EXCEL.
\Templates\Templates and file examples for all kind of data usable in PVsyst. Empty by default, (re-)load template files by pushing the button "Reload templates" in the workspace menu.


Usually, the user will not have to manage or directly memorize the names of the files: each file in PVsyst includes an explicit header description, which will appear in all the choice-lists in the program, in addition to the file name. You are advised to carefully define these descriptions when available, in a unique manner, by a significant comment about the set of parameters concerned.

When the parameters of a component, an element of a project, etc..., are modified, the program will remind the user to save the modifications carried out, either in the same file (button "Save"), or in a new file ("Save as") for creating a new component.


\ComposPV\ directory

Each component type is stored in its own subdirectory.

\PVModules\ *.PANParameters and characteristics of a PV module.
\Inverters\ *.ONDInverter for grid connection: operating limits, efficiency profile.
\Batteries\ *.BTRCharacteristics of a battery.
\Pumps\ *.PMPCharacteristics of a pump device
\Regulators\ *.RLTCharge/discharge regulator, and possible back-up, "ON/OFF" operating , according to threshold levels of battery voltage.
\RegulPmp\ *.RLPPumping system controller, includes the regulation strategy, may include power converter or battery regulator.
\Gensets\ *.GENBack-up generator (Genset) for the battery-recharge.
\Sellers\ *.REVAddresses of manufacturers or other reseller.