Tips for beginners

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Tips for beginners

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Help: you can get contextual Help from almost anywhere in the software, by typing F1, or very specific information are often available with little question mark buttons.

Language: you can switch from the language you selected to English and back by typing F9. When contacting PVsyst support for help, please provide screen shots in English (or French).

Workspace: clicking on the path to your workspace will open it in the Windows explorer. You can switch between recent opened workspace in "File > Recent workspaces".

Red dots: every time you have red dots on graphical views, you can drag them with the mouse to modify the involved parameter (examples: horizon line, plane orientation, near shading orthogonal drawings).

Exporting tables: all result tables can be exported to other software by choosing "Export" in the menu:

-        either as text file (text CSV format),

-        or by  "Copy as text" into the clipboard  (to be pasted for example in a spreadsheet software),

-        or by  "Copy as image" into the clipboard.

For some scrolling tables (solar parameter, meteo), you can choose the time period to be exported.

Exporting graphs: all result graphs can be exported to other software by choosing "Export" in the menu:

-        either as image file  (png, jpg or bmp format)

-        or by "Copy" in the clipboard, which can be "Pasted"  within any other software (MS-Word, etc.).

Current window image: as in all Windows applications, pressing "Alt + PrintScreen" copies the current window into the clipboard.

-        allow for a double line comment in front of each print form,

-        are usually "intelligent" printings which hold complementary useful parameters,

-        offer a "preview" facility,

-        often ask for desired details about outputs.