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Print settings

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When you print an element in PVsyst, it will open the print preview dialog which allows you to actually previey the output document before really sending it to a physical printer or save it as a PDF document.

In this dialog, click on the Settings button to open the print settings.



Display logo: check this box to insert your company logo at the top-left of the document (available only if you already defined a logo in the general PVsyst preferences).

Header title: choose to display your company name, your own name or any custom comment.

First comment line: optional comment line, can be displayed in bold.

Second comment line: optional comment line, can be displayed in bold.

Date: choose the date format displayed at the top-right.

Language: select the document output language here.

Color mode: choose between a grayscale and a color document.

Set as default: click this button to save the current settings as a default for all documents..


Displayed data

This tab is visible when the element you are trying to print has some specific options, for example you can choose which pages will be included in the document for the simulation report.


Clipboard options

This tab contains the few options related to the Copy to clipboard feature.


Actions in the preview dialog

Copy to clipboard: allows for copying the whole document as an image to the clipboard, for immediate paste in another software (like MS-Word, MS-Excel, Paint, or others…). This allows to store the whole printer page in documents, or send results for example by e-mail.
Please refer to "Options" for format details.
If several pages are to be sent, please perform the "Paste"  operation immediately after the message for each page, before clicking the "OK" button of the message.
NB:        This output feature is different from the "Export"/"Copy to clipboard" tool present in all general table and graph menus, where only the displayed table or graph is exported.

Print: opens the system dialog asking you to choose and setup your printer, and then send the document to it.