Global scene building tools

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Global scene building tools

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See also: Near shadings, general organisation.


The global scene gathers all the objects according to their relative position, in a referential based on the cardinal points. In Construction mode, the shading obstacles are represented in black and the sensitive area of the PV fields in blue.



Create objects with the "Create" menu, PVsyst handles many types of objects including :

-PV fields:  several kinds: tables and arrays of tables, arrays of domes, arrays of trackers, rectangular, polygonal, sun-shields.
-Elementary objects:  a variety of 2D an 3D predefined shapes,
-Building / Composed object: an assembly of elementary shapes. “Buildings” can be saved as models to reuse in other shading scenes. They can’t include PV fields, which should be added independently in the global scene.
-Ground objects


Executing actions like creating, selecting or editing objects will save changes in a history that you can undo or redo.

Undo Undo - [CTRL + Z]


Redo Redo - [CTRL + Y]



SelectDefault object selection - [ECHAP]

 Click on any object to select it, in Technical view you must click on the edges to be able to select an object.


RectangleSelection Rectangle selection - [SHIFT + CTRL + R]

 Click and drag to draw a selection rectangle.
 You can specify if you want to select all objects touching the rectangle or only the ones inside it.


LassoSelection Lasso selection - [SHIFT + CTRL + L]

 Click and drag to draw a selection zone.
 You can specify if you want to select all objects touching the zone or only the ones inside it.


Hold [SHIFT] to add objects to the current selection.

Hold [CTRL] to remove an object from the current selection.

Press [CTRL + A] to select all objects of the scene.


Point of view

PanCamera Pan

 Click and drag to move the point of view along its plane.
 When another tool is selected, hold [SHIFT] and [Mouse middle button] to pan.


RotateCamera Rotate view

 Click and drag to rotate the point of view around its current target.
 When another tool is selected, hold [Mouse middle button] to rotate.


PerspectiveView Perspective view - [F2]

 Click to revert the point of view to the basic perspective position.
 If down, the current view is a perspective one.


TopView Top view - [F3]


FrontView Front view - [F4]


SideView Side view - [F5]


SunView Sun view - [F6]

 Set the point of view at the current sun position.


ZoomIn Zoom in - [F7]


ZoomOut Zoom out - [F8]


ZoomRect Zoom rectangle

 Click and drag to draw a rectangle and set it as the new viewport.


ZoomToFit Zoom to fit - [CTRL + F]

 This zooms the view in order to see all selected objects in the current viewport.


Render options

Render Technical / Realistic view

 Technical view : Objects are drawn in wireframe, they can only be selected when clicking on their edges.
                 Colors are defined by the type of object and its selection status.
                 Lighting and real-time shadows are disabled.

 Realistic view  : Objects are drawn in a more realistic way, and can be selected by a click on any visible part.
                 Colors can be customized for each object.
                 Lighting is enabled, real-time shadows can be enabled.


OrthogonalViewModePerspectiveViewMode Perspective / Orthogonal projection

 Orthogonal projection is the default one, it is advised to use it when building the scene.

 Perspective projection can be used to get a more realistic view of the scene, when generating the shadows video or in the report


ShowModules Module strings

 Show module strings defined in Module Layout.


Other render options

From the menu "View / Render options", you can enable/disable the following :
-        Anti-aliasing :                Enable it to smooth the objects edges rendering.
                         This may not be available depending on your hardware setup, and it may also reduce performance.

-        Real-time shadows :        Enable it to render shadows at real-time.
                             Shadows on PV fields are always rendered when moving the sun, but this allows to see all shadows always.
                             Enabling it may reduce performance.

-        Camera animation :        When moving to another view, the transition can be animated or not.
                             Enabling it may slightly reduce performance.

-        Backfaces :                You can show or hide objects backfaces, i.e, faces that are not facing the point of view.
                         Hiding backfaces will increase performance.



MeasureDistance Measure a distance - [CTRL + L]

 Click to define the measure start point, and click again to set the measure end point.
 Hold [CTRL] to anchor the current point to an object vertex.


MeasureAngle Measure an angle - [CTRL + K]

 Click to define the angle summit and then the points #1 and #2.
 Hold [CTRL] to anchor the current point to an object vertex.



WrenchRed Edit objects - [CTRL + M]


MoveObject Move objects - [CTRL + B]

 Please refer to the corresponding section.


RotateObject Rotate objects - [CTRL + R]


RotateScene Rotate whole scene - [CTRL + ALT + R]


Additional tools

Draw Draw objects with the mouse


EditZones Field zones

 Please refer to the corresponding section.


Image_Ground Ground Image

 Please refer to the corresponding section.



CompassBlueprint Geographical / Building reference

 Please refer to the corresponding section.