Wind Velocity

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Wind Velocity

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The monthly wind velocity values can be converted into hourly values during the synthetic generation.
This is done through the MeteoNorm Dll. Please consider attentively the following comments, from Meteonorm V8.x Handbook (Theory) :

"The provision of wind speed and wind direction in Meteonorm is intended as an extension of its output for design programs requiring wind data as input. The wind itself is not usually of great importance for solar and building (energy) application, and the model presented here is not intended to provide more than a rough approximation of monthly average and distributions (at 10 m above ground). The present interpolation should not be used for designing wind power plants. The problem of wind simulation for any desired location is practically insoluble, since wind speed is greatly influenced by local features, and spatial variations are very large. The average monthly value is very difficult to estimate without a detailed knowledge of local topography. Detailed information on wind conditions throughout Europe may be found in the European Wind Atlas (Risoe National Laboratory, 1990)."

"Despite the difficulties described above, hourly wind speed values were nevertheless generated. The model was adapted to 30 stations in the USA and 20 stations in Switzerland. It consists of a daily model based on average daily global radiation, and on an independent stochastic model"


Follow the link to see where the wind velocity is used in the model.