Importing ReuniWatt Data

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Importing ReuniWatt Data

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Meteo files cannot be dowloaded from the website (ReuniWatt has to be contacted by mail,

The hourly data is provided in the PVsyst standard format, for a direct and easy import in PVsyst.
Reference time of meteo files is GMT (universal time, UT).
Native ReuniWatt files contains more data. All of them are listed below :

- GHI: Global Horizontal Irradiance  

- Tamb: Ambient Temperature

- DHI: Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance

- DNI: Direct Normal Irradiance

- BNI: Beam Normal Irradiance

- Aod: Aerosol optical depth 550 nm

- TOA: Global Horizontal Irradiance Top Of Atmosphere

- GHI_CC: Clear-sky GHI

- DHI_CC: Clear-sky DHI

- BNI_CC: Clear-sky BNI

- SZA: Solar Zenith Angle

- Tco3: Total Column content of Ozone

- Tcwv: Total Column content of Water Vapor

- AOD_BC: Partial Aerosol Optical Depth at 550 nm for black carbon

- AOD_DU: Partial Aerosol Optical Depth Dust

- AOD_SS: Partial Aerosol Optical Depth Sea Salt

- AOD_OR: Partial Aerosol Optical Depth Organic Matter

- AOD_1240: Aerosol Optical Depth at 1240 nm

- Fiso: Isotropic part of bidirectionnal reflectance distribution function (BRDF) (MODIS parameter)

- Fvol: Factor describing the anisotropic part of the BRDF linked to the viewing geometry (MODIS parameter)

- Fgeo: Factor describing the anisotropic part of the BRDF linked to the illuminating geometry (MODIS parameter)

- Albedo: Ground Albedo

- Cloud_optical_depth

- Cloud_coverage (between 0 and 100 %)  

- Cloud_type:

o Legend

1: no value / pas de valeur ;

0: no clouds / pas de nuages ;

5: low cloud / nuage bas ;

8: thin cloud / nuage fin.