Array and system losses

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Array and system losses

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See also: Array losses in PV systems, general considerations.

In PVsyst, Array loss parameters are initially set to reasonable default values, so that modifications only need to be performed during a second step of the system study.

After your first simulation of a project, you are advised to carefully define each loss factor according to your PV system.

PVsyst treats in detail the following loss types in a PV array or system  (ordered as on the Array Loss diagram):

-Incidence angle (IAM) losses.

-Soiling losses

-Irradiance losses

-Thermal losses

-LID losses                     (for crystalline modules)

-Light soaking effect        (gains with  CIS/CIGS technologies)

-Module quality losses

-Mismatch losses

-Module degradation loss

-Ohmic wiring losses

-Auxiliaries consumption

-External transformer losses

-System Unavailability loss


Press the "Losses Graph" button  for visualizing the effect of some of these losses on the PV-array  I/V characteristics in given running conditions.

In the simulation results, the effect of each loss will be available in hourly, daily or monthly values. They may be visualized on the Loss diagram.