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Report an activation problem

    PVsyst’s working languages are English and French. You are kindly requested to send us your messages in one of these languages.

    When changing computers, for a quick transfer, we invite you to use the license transfer tool available in your program.

    To transfer your licence to another computer, you must first deactivate your licence on the source computer. To do this, you must click on the "Transfer" button in the licence/ details menu ("status and activation" in version 6), then you must enter your company's customer ID (indicated on your invoice), and finally validate the procedure.

    You can then install PVsyst on your target computer and activate the program using your activation key.

    In version 7, the number of licence transfers is limited to four within a period of 30 days starting from the first transfer date.
    In version 6, it is not possible to reactivate a licence on a computer where it has been deactivated in the past.

    To be able to operate on your licence, please send us the Host ID of your new machine:

    • In PVsyst 6: Open the licence menu > Status and activation, then click on the activate or synchronize button, field number 2: click on the copy button and paste this information in the designated field below
    • In PVsyst 7: Open the licence menu > Licence details, then click on the copy button located below the "Host ID" field and paste this information in the designated field below

    Please provide us with your log files to enable us to identify the origin of the problem, to do so:

    • Click on the menu File > Export logs
    • Check if the export folder is suitable, if not choose another location where to save your log files with the "Browse" button
    • Click on the "Export" button (your ZIP file containing logs will be saved in the selected location)
    • Attach your log ZIP file below