PVsyst 7 is coming soon !

We are proud to announce that we will be releasing a new major version of PVsyst this year !

PVsyst 7 will include new features, improvements to the user interface and the user experience, and a new licensing system based on yearly subscriptions.

What’s new ?

Here are some of the new features which will be available at PVsyst 7 launch :

  • Support of 64-bit architectures : this will extend PVsyst capabilities of handling large projects and shading scenes
  • Irradiance: new improved treatment of the circumsolar component, impacts on the electrical shadings and vertical Bi-facial systems
  • System : unlimited number of sub-arrays
  • Shadings : conversion of fixed tables to trackers, new trackers with central gap parameter for bifacial, tracker distribution on a hill
  • Output AC circuit : definition of several MV and HV transformers, with their specifications
  • Live results display : see results values and graphs while the simulation is running
  • Economic evaluation : Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), Net Present Value (NPV), multiple loans of multiple types, advanced depreciation configuration
  • Economic evaluation : availability for Stand-alone and Pumping systems
  • Simulation : display of warnings during the simulation and with the results
  • User interface : improvements of the user interface and user experience
  • Localization : full-software translation coverage  (except the Help),  Turkish and Korean languages available

New licensing system : Yearly license subscriptions

What does it mean?

The use of PVsyst 7 will require that you own an active license subscription.
While your subscription is active, you will have access to all PVsyst 7 versions and updates.

Yearly subscriptions will be available for purchase on our online shop as soon as PVsyst 7 is released.
When your license subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use PVsyst 7 as a licensed user and PVsyst 7 will switch back to DEMO or TRIAL mode.

How will I be able to renew my license subscription?

Subscription renewals will be available for purchase on our online shop three months before the expiration date.
Purchasing a one-year extension will simply add one year to the current license validity period.

What kind of PVsyst 7 licenses will be available?

When PVsyst 7 is released, it will only be available with one kind of license : PVsyst 7 PROFESSIONAL.
PROFESSIONAL licenses will always provide access to all features and components of the software.

Users who wish to try the software before purchase will be able to use it in TRIAL mode for 30 days, but only generic components will be available for simulation.
After the 30 days trial period, PVsyst will switch to DEMO mode and features will become very limited.

How much will it cost?

The price for a subscription to PVsyst 7 PROFESSIONAL will be 600.- CHF / year.
This also means that the purchase of an additional license or the renewal of an existing one will bear the same cost.

The cost for student licenses will still be 25.- CHF for one year.
Universities, training and research centers will still be able to request special quotes.

Discounts will be available for everyone on each order, depending on the number of new licenses or extensions purchased at the same time :

  • 2 to 4 licenses -> 5% discount
  • 5 to 9 licenses -> 15% discount
  • 10+ licenses -> 20% discount

When will I receive my new PVsyst 7 activation key ?

If you are a new client, you will receive your activation keys by e-mail within a few days following the full payment of the amount due, together with the paid invoice.

If you already own PVsyst licenses, you will receive your activation keys instantly by e-mail if you choose to pay directly by credit card and complete the payment. If you pay by bank transfer, you will receive your activation keys as soon as we receive the full payment of the amount due. The subscription renewals will also apply instantly if paid by credit card.

Will I be able to use PVsyst 7 with my current PVsyst 6 license?

In any case, if your PVsyst 6 license has an active update support when PVsyst 7 is released you will be able to use PVsyst 7 with the same activation key until the end of its update support.

Then, depending on your license status when PVsyst 7 is released, you may be granted an additional amount of time :

  • If you purchased your PVsyst 6 license in the last two years and still have an active update support, you will be granted one additional year of PVsyst 7 subscription for free
  • If you purchased your PVsyst 6 license in the last two years and you did not purchase update support, you will be granted six additional months of PVsyst 7 subscription for free

If you purchased your PVsyst 6 license more than two years ago and your update support is not active, then you will not be able to use PVsyst 7 with this license.

If you purchased a PVsyst 6 PRO30 license and if you are able to use PVsyst 7 with it, it will automatically be converted to a PVsyst 7 PROFESSIONAL license.

Will I still be able to purchase PVsyst 6 licenses ?

No, the only licenses available for purchase when PVsyst 7 is released will be PVsyst 7 licenses.
If you already own a PVsyst 6 license you will still be able to use PVsyst 6 permanently and you may be able to use PVsyst 7 depending on criterias listed above.

Will I be able to use both PVsyst 6 and PVsyst 7 on the same computer ?

Yes, it will be possible to install both versions on the same computer at the same time.
Installing PVsyst 7 will not remove any file used by your current PVsyst 6 version.

PVsyst 7 license transfers

The new license system will allow you to transfer your license to another computer and then transfer it back to the first computer.
This was not allowed with PVsyst 6 licenses and many users got stuck with their activation key being blocked permanently on the first computer.

The number of transfers (from one computer to another) will be limited to 4 on a rolling period of 30 days.

Anything else ?

If have any question about the new version for which you didn’t find an answer on this page, you can contact us here.