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The simulation results are summarized in a printable "Report", which holds an exhaustive table of all parameters used during the simulation, as well as a short description of the main results.

But many other results may be visualized and printed:

The simulation involves several dozens of variables, which are all stored in monthly values in the  "Simulation variant"   MyProject.VCi  file.

These monthly results are available as:

-Pre-defined tables: several tables, grouped by parameter themes, are immediately available.
-Custom table: you can build your own monthly table by choosing eight among any of the calculated variables.
-Custom monthly graphs: you can choose up to 4 variables to be simultaneously displayed. Be sure to choose comparable variable types (energy, irradiation, etc) as the graph holds only one common axis.

Moreover, hourly values are stored for some pre-chosen variables. These give rise to hourly and daily plots (even with simultaneous variables) with a comfortable navigation all over the year. This constitutes a powerful tool for observing and understanding the instantaneous system behavior.

Special graphs may be defined before the simulation, in order to be accumulated "on-line" during the simulation process. About ten such "on-line" graphs of general use are present by default with any new simulation.

They include a detailed energy loss diagram, Monthly or Daily normalized "yield" indicators index, performance ratio, input/output diagram, incident energy and array output distribution, etc.

Economic evaluation

After the simulation you can perform a detailed economic evaluation of your project, taking the parameters (for example nb. of modules, inverters…) and results into account.


You can choose to print the following forms:

-General simulation parameters, which summaries all the parameters involved in a "variant",
-Detailed simulation parameters, such as Horizon (drawing+points table), Near shadings, detailed user's needs, etc,
-A pre-defined form with the main parameters and main results of this simulation,
-The detailed loss diagram,
-Any specific result graph or table displayed on the screen, along with the main parameters,
-The economic evaluation sheet.


In Report Preview dialog, you can compare reports of different projects and variants.


The Result dialog offers the possibility of recalling other "variants" of the project, in order to perform quick comparisons.