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PVsyst is released under proprietary license.

To benefit from the full potential of PVsyst, you have to buy a license subscription.

For trial purpose, there is an evaluation mode which provides most capacities.

Run modes in PVsyst

PVsyst can run in 3 modes:

Evaluation mode: right after a fresh installation, PVsyst will run during 30 days with full features except for the usage of components limited to generic ones and a watermark being displayed in the report.

Demo mode: after the Evaluation mode has expired, PVsyst will switch to this mode, removing most capacities.

Licensed mode: after buying a license and completing the activation, PVsyst will run with full capacities.

License subscription

The licensed mode requires an active license subscription. It allows you to use any current and future minor versions of PVsyst 7.

Once the subscription expires, PVsyst will fall back to a limited mode until the license subscription is extended or another license is activated on the computer.

License description

A license is actually a file containing data about user rights:

License delivery date

Licensee name

Subscription expiration date.

User type: a specific license could be delivered for student or classroom.


A license has to be firstly activated in PVsyst: this will pair the license and your copy of PVsyst (and enable full capacities).

If you decide to move PVsyst to another computer you can use the license transfer feature.


Installation on a network server is not recommended. Nevertheless, it is authorized only if each user's computer has a valid activation code.

Please note that this software has not been fully tested for this mode of operation.

But you can share your data in the network with other users. Take a look at the Workspace section.