Hidden parameters

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Hidden parameters

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Many parameters and physical values involved in the physical models and tools of PVsyst have to be predefined.

These variables are initialised with reasonable values, as determined by the author at design time. But most of them may of course subject to discussion, and therefore can be adjusted by the user, according to his own situation or hypothesis.

This is achieved through the menu called "Settings -> Edit advanced parameters" on the main screen. This will open a list of variables, with their effective initial value, modifiable by the user. Changes should of course be made by expert users only, no validity check being performed at this stage of the program.

Each value is accompanied by a check box, indicating whether the value was modified, and allowing the retrieving of the original PVsyst default value at any time.

The variables are divided into the following categories:

-Grid-Connected System Presizing,

-Stand-alone System Presizing,

-Pumping System Presizing,

-Specific Presizing costs (all systems),

-System design parameters,

-Detailed Simulation Verification Conditions,

-PV modules,

-Regulators and converters,


The modified values can either be temporarily validated for the current session, or permanently saved.