Grid inverter model

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Grid inverter model

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The main function of the inverter is obviously to convert the DC power of the PV array into AC power compatible with the grid requirements.

The inverter model and the associated parameters are fully described in  the chapter "Component Databases > Grid inverters".



The grid inverter should not be confused with Inverters for stand-alone systems.

These are quite different devices, their features are:

-The input power is the battery DC constant voltage, without current limitation.

-The power is determined by the user's needs, not the power availability at the input.

-Therefore it would be completely impossible to operate an electrical load according to the sun's availability (except for very special applications like Pumping systems, where the storage is performed with the water).

-The grid inverter cannot run without the grid as storage. It should stop producing electricity as soon as the grid is disconnected or shut down.