TMY Typical Meteorological Year

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TMY Typical Meteorological Year

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Typical Meteorological Years (TMY)

TMY are meteorological hourly data files constructed on the basis of real measured data series.

The elaboration of TMY obeys a sophisticated normalized procedure. It usually consists of a juxtaposition of selected months, chosen among 10 years or more of real measurements, according to several statistical criteria, and approaching average values (see TMY generation algorithm).

The month's extremities are eventually corrected for harmonious continuations, and these data sets should also include realistic extreme behaviors. They are constructed so that the whole year reproduces a typical meteorological situation for the design of energetic or architectural systems.


PVsyst now provides a tool to generate TMY based on hourly time series with a minimum of 10 years of meteorological data (see TMY data generation). If you don't have time series of hourly data, the other method used is the synthetic data generation from the meteonorm algorithm based on monthly averages.