Format of PVsyst files

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Format of PVsyst files

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Files Format evolution

Up to PVsyst version 6.39, all PVsyst files (project, variant, meteo, etc.) were saved in binary format and it was not possible to read or edit those files.

Starting with PVsyst version 6.40, the format of all PVsyst files has changed to text. This new format will simplify PVsyst upgrades.

Starting with PVsyst version 6.60, the format of PVsyst project version (VCi) has been improved.

Starting with PVsyst version 6.80, the encoding of all PVsyst files (*.PRJ, *.VCi, *.PAN, *.OND, etc.) has changed to UTF-8 to support international characters.

For each of these evolutions, the new formats are incompatible with older versions. This is the reason why the corresponding workspaces have different names (PVsyst6_Data, PVsyst640_Data,  PVsyst660_Data, PVsyst680_Data,  PVsyst7.0_Data).

Workspace and folders

During the first run of PVsyst 7.0, a new directory is automatically created in C:\Users\<username>\PVsyst7.0_Data and you are invited to import in this new workspace all the PVsyst files from your previous user workspace (C:\Users\<username>\PVsyst680_Data or C:\Users\<username>\PVsyst660_Data or C:\Users\<username>\PVsyst640_Data or C:\Users\<username>\PVsyst6_Data).

Note that you can only work in a given workspace with the suited versions:

(C:\Users\<username>\PVsyst6_Data)    with PVsyst version 6.39 or older,

(C:\Users\<username>\PVsyst640_Data) with PVsyst version 6.5x and 6.4x,

(C:\Users\<username>\PVsyst660_Data) with PVsyst version 6.7x and 6.6x,

(C:\Users\<username>\PVsyst680_Data) with PVsyst version 6.8x,

File format example

Please note that the the PVsyst files format is only meant for internal use.

We don't ensure any support about this format. These files hold a structured information produced by the PVsyst program; you are not advised to modify them.


Below is an example of a project file  *.PRJ, in text format.



 Comment=DEMO grid-connected system at Geneva



 ProjectDate=15/01/13 17:03


 MeteoFileDate=27/12/12 17:29







   Source=MeteoNorm 6.1 station













 End of PVObject pvSite












End of PVObject pvProject