Order PVsyst

How to order PVsyst ?

Version 6
To order PVsyst6, you have to login you to your web user account, directly from our website, or create your web user account with your email address if you have never ordered PVsyst before. If your company has already purchased PVsyst, you have to register your customer ID mentioned on all our invoices.
While you will fill this form, you will have the possibility to choose the invoice currency (if the payment is the bank transfer, invoice is set in CHF, EUR, USD or GBP), and the payment mode: by credit card of by bank transfer.
If you choose to pay directly online by credit card, you will receive your activation key with your paid invoice within 2 or 3 working days.
If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you will receive your invoice to be paid within 2 or 3 working days, and we will send your activation key(s) as soon as we receive your payment.


Version 5
The version 5 is only sold to companies that already purchased the version 5 before the launch of the version 6.
To order PVsyst5, you have to install PVsyst5 on the concerned computer(s), and copy/past the local number(s) generated by the installation in your order.

What is the customer ID? Where do I find it?

The customer ID is assigned by company, for the same legal entity, the same company name, in the same country and with only one billing address.
If your company has already purchased PVsyst, a customer ID has been assigned to it. When you order PVsyst online, you have to be sure that the customer ID of your company has been registered in the web user account that you are using to order.
The customer ID is mentioned on each of invoices.

How to get a quotation?

To get a quotation by email, please:

• Create your web user account with your email address ;
• Login you to your account and click on the button “Make an quotation” (at the bottom of the page);

Then, you will receive a quotation on your email address.

Our quotations are set only in Swiss Francs. However, we can issue an invoice in EUR, USD or GBP if the payment method is the bank transfer. In that case, we will apply the exchange rate of the invoice date.
All payment has to be made upon the invoice that will be issued for your company.

How to install/active PVsyst after have ordered PVsyst6?

To activate PVsyst6, you have to install PVsyst6 on the concerned computer, and copy/past the activation key in the menu « license/status and activation » in the program.

How to reactivate PVsyst6 every 6 months?

For security reasons, your license has to be reactivated every 6 months. This reactivation is free of charge. It is a quick and simple manipulation which has to be made online: a window will appear 15 days before the deadline and you must follow the listed steps.

How to get the version 6 from the version 5 ?

The version 6 is an upgrade from the version 5.
The cost for an upgrade to PVsyst6 PRO30 (limited to installations up to 30 kW) is CHF 300.- per upgrade, and for an upgrade to the version PVsyst6 PREMIUM (unlimited, for all installations) is CHF 500.- per upgrade.
If you wish to upgrade your programs to the version 6 of PVsyst, please place your order online with the purchase form on our website

Who is entitled to an educational discount?

The educational discount is only granted to educational institutes, as schools, Universities and educational institutes. Commercial companies cannot benefit from this discount.

Is there a reseller in my country?

Only PVsyst SA commercializes PVsyst software. There are no other authorized providers for this software. PVsyst software is only available by downloading on our official website www.pvsyst.com.

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Use of PVsyst

May I use PVsyst on a server?

It is not possible to use PVsyst on a server. PVsyst has to be installed on the local disc of each computer where it will be used.

How to transfer my PVsyst6 license on another computer?

To transfer your license on another computer, you have to first deactivate your license on the source computer. WARNING, this action is DEFINITIVE for that computer, it will be not possible to activate it again with the same activation key. For that, you have to click on the button « Transfer » in the menu license/status and activation, then, you have to enter your company customer ID (mentioned on your invoice), and click on the button « deactivate ». Then, you have to install PVsyst on the target computer and activate the program with your activation key.

How to transfer my activation code PVsyst5 on another computer?

1st case : You want to use PVsyst on another computer where PVsyst is not active


1- Install PVsyst on the target computer

2- Enter the local number of the target computer (found on menu licence/status and activation) on the source computer in the Transfer tool of PVsyst (menu Licence/Tranfert to another machine)

3- Enter the activation code produced by the transfer tool of the source computer in the target computer at menu licence/status and activation

4- The source computer will turn into DEMO mode and the target computer will turn into FULL mode. Close PVsyst programs


2nd case : You change/reformate your computer (use a temporary computer as target)

Follow the steps of the first case and :

5- Once you have changed/reformated your computer, install PVsyst on this computer

6- Use the transfer tool of the PVsyst program on the temporary computer to transfer back your activation code


How to update the version 6 (within the version 6)?

Purchasing of an activation key or an upgrade for PVsyst6 includes one year update support, from the activation key delivered date. Then, if the user wishes to continue to download the updates, he will have to subscribe to an annual update support.
If you want to update your program, you have to download the last version 6 available on our website, and install it at the same place than the previous version 6.

How to update the version 5 (within the version 5)?

If you have activation codes for the version 5 and you wish to install the last update of this version, you are welcome to download the last version 5 at the bottom of the download page on our website.

Is it possible to install PVsyst under Linux or Mac?

PVsyst works only under Microsoft Windows. However, it might be executed on a virtual Windows machine. For example: "virtual box".

In which languages PVsyst is available?

The main PVsyst language is English. The program is translated in French, Italian, Germany and Spanish. The simulation reports can be generated in all these languages. The Help file in only available in English.

My local number does not appear in PVsyst5

If your local number does not appear in PVsyst5, you are probably not administrator on your computer, or your computer do not recognize you as administrator under Windows 7.
In that case, you have to click with the right button of your mouse upon the PVsyst icon on your desk and choose the option "open the program as administrator", then your local number will appear, in the menu “license/status and activation”.

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