Terms and conditions of sale

Software and training

(PDF version)


Art. 1    Scope


These terms and conditions are applicable in full for any agreement between PVsyst SA and a client, be him located in Switzerland or abroad.
These terms and conditions are applicable for the commercialization of the PVsyst software and for  training conducted by PVsyst SA.
Any derogation from the terms of this contract must be detailed in a formal and prior agreement with PVsyst SA.  
PVsyst SA has the right to amend these conditions at any time. The modifications come into effect as soon as they are posted online.
In case of inconsistencies with the French version of these terms and conditions, the French prevails.

 Art. 2    Confidentiality


PVsyst SA garantees that all the client information that is provided via the www.pvsyst.com website will remain confidential. PVsyst SA will use the information solely to process its clients' online orders. Their personal data will never be transmitted to third parties.

 Art. 3    Formation of the contract


Sales contracts are deemed to be concluded when the client has agreed to an order or the provision of training, as well as with the price. Every payment is firm and definitive.


Art. 4    Purchase of PVsyst software


Every purchase of a license for Version 6 of PVsyst includes access to the PVsyst software that is unlimited in time, and one year of update support.  All updates are available on the website www.pvsyst.com. One license per workstation is required. One year of update support begins the day of the first PVsyst activation.


Art. 5    Customer identification


The customer ID is assigned by company per legal entity of the same name and in the same country with only one billing address. The billing address will be amended only upon receipt of an official document that justifies the change.


Art. 6    Order and distribution terms


The PVsyst software must be ordered directly online.
The software’s activation key will be sent to the User a few days after the amount owed has been paid in full, together with the receipt.
The training will be conducted only after the amount owed has been paid in full.
There is no discount for advanced payment.


Art. 7    Conditions and payment methods


7.1     Prices


The list of prices is available on the website. A non-contractual quote for the software can be generated online.
The price to be paid is a net seller’s price (without any additional fees).
Prices are pre-tax and indicated in Swiss francs.

7.2     Payment methods

Payments can be made by credit card on our website via Saferpay or by bank transfer.
Payment by credit card can be made directly online when the order is placed or with the information that is provided on the invoice. In such cases, we will send the receipt in Swiss francs by email.
Payment by bank transfer is done after the client has received our invoice. The invoice can be drawn up in Swiss francs, euros, American dollars, or pounds sterling.
The exchange rate is determined by PVsyst SA based on the rate that is in effect the day the invoice is prepared.
All banking fees must be paid in full by the Client.


Art. 8   Taxes


Users located in Switzerland or Liechtenstein must pay the VAT at the current rate when purchasing the PVsyst software; this amount is added to the pre-tax price.  For Users located outside these countries, the VAT is not applicable and the software is sold tax-free. Any other tax that is applicable in the destination country must be paid by the User.
The VAT is not applied to the price of training.

Art. 9    Provider


Only PVsyst SA commercializes the PVsyst software. There are no other authorized providers for this software. It is only available for download on the official website www.pvsyst.com. Only the latest version is available for purchase on this website.


Art. 10    Jurisdiction and applicable law


These general terms and the contractual relationship between both parties resulting from the use of the PVsyst software are governed by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Geneva.